Is your website optimized for tablets?

Is your website optimized for tablets?

Last Tuesday, Apple announced the iPad Mini.

Last Friday, Microsoft shipped their long-anticipated tablet, Microsoft Surface.

Today, Google announced a new 10″ tablet, the Nexus 10.

And of course, Amazon continues to push their Kindle Fire tablets.

One thing is clear: people are buying tablets and increasingly using them to browse the web. eMarketer predicts that by next year, 40% of individuals will use a tablet each month (see

Is your website optimized for this huge audience? At Seablaze, we ensure your websites work well with all of the major tablets out there. We take extra care to optimize the experience so that the website pages look correct and zoom in and out as you’d expect them to. Our client’s websites are built with speed in mind that so that they display as quickly as possible, even when your internet connection isn’t the best.

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