It’s one thing to drive users to your site. It’s another to keep them coming back. Seablaze helps you do both.

Getting new traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great long-term strategy for driving traffic from search results (known as organic search). While highly effective, this can take many months to achieve. Learn more about how we integrate SEO into your website.

Online advertising through Google, Facebook, and other advertising networks is an immediate way to obtain traffic. This will send traffic your way – either a small amount or a large amount, depending on how much you want to spend and what keywords you want to be listed under. Learn more about our website advertising solutions.

Getting repeat traffic

Social media and blogs are another way to get users to your site for the first time and keep them coming back again and again for more. If they become a fan of your business on Facebook, follow you in Twitter, +1 you on Google+, they will be connected and engaged with you. Learn more about how to utilize social media with your website.

Business blogs allow you to write about what is going on in your business and events and ideas that are related to it. Writing helps establish your business as an expert in your field and keeps your website and content fresh. Learn more our blog writing solutions.