Social Media

Increase your business’s social life

Having a social media presence opens up the doors to new users. It also allows you to build strong connections and loyalty with existing users.


If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your business, Seablaze can set this up for you. We’ll ensure your website links correctly to your Facebook page and that users can visit your website from your Facebook page.


Google+ works in much the same way as Facebook in that you set up a page specifically for your business. Seablaze can set this up for you or ensure your existing one is set up properly and that your Google+ page and website promote each other.


Don’t worry if the world of tweets is foreign to you. Twitter is extremely well adapted to exposing your business to new users. Seablaze can set you up with a profile (@yourbiz) and link to and from your website.


Depending on your type of business, a professional account at LinkedIn may be a good idea. Seablaze recommends LinkedIn accounts for professional businesses, particularly if your business frequently hires new employees.


A newcomer to the giants of social media, Pinterest is a “digital pin-board.” Users “pin” pages that they like and other people can see their pins in a graphical layout. When Seablaze integrates Pinterest with your website, we ensure it has quality images that work well with the site.

What you get

  • A social media account created and set up for your business.
  • Your username, ID, and/or account name will be appropriately picked for your business.
  • Logos, images, and backgrounds will be custom sized for each account.
  • Profile information will be professionally written and filled out for each account.


  • $500 for the setup of your first account.
  • Each additional account receives a 40% discount and is $300/each.

Status updates

Seablaze can write and post status updates for you on a weekly or twice-a-week basis. We will post unique and interesting things about your company as well as ideas and events it is involved with. To keep a pulse on your company, we will schedule a short, weekly call with a contact from your business (e.g., your marketing director) to ensure that the status updates we post are fresh, appropriate, and specific.

What you get

  • Weekly status updates on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter with unique and interesting topics related to your business or associated ideas and events.
  • Each status update is designed to promote your business in some manner, either by linking directly to your website, sharing related content, or keeping your brand or product in your users’ minds.
  • When users interact with posts, we respond in a friendly, fun, and engaging manner.


  • $375/mo for weekly status updates on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
  • $525/mo for twice-a-week updates.

Status updates in-house

If you wish, Seablaze offers training to manage your content updates yourself. If you want to do this in-house, we will give you a document that outlines recommendations on effective strategies for each social media outlet. We strongly recommend assigning someone in charge of this and ensuring they have the time to dedicate to it. Otherwise, you may find that your social audience loses interest and your online reputation growth will stutter. You will be more successful if you plan and schedule this as specific work to do each week.