Website Blogging


Blogs are a great addition to all websites, including yours. Here’s why.

  • They help a site rank better in search results on Google and other search engines.
  • Blog articles are searchable and drive traffic to your website when users search for keywords present within.
  • They provide fresh content that keeps users coming back and continuing to be interested in the site.
  • Blogs offer ways to engage users through other avenues such as social media. If someone shares a link on a well-written blog post, their friends may visit the site for a look as well!
  • You can email blog updates periodically to users who subscribe and keep in touch with them. For example, you may have an email signup on the website that users can subscribe to in order to receive blog updates via email.

We highly recommend having a blog on the site for these reasons, as we feel it is important for every business. However, we understand that it does require on-going attention to stay current. Seablaze provides blog-writing services that tie together social media updates with fresh content on your site.

Blog posts through Seablaze

We can write and post blogs for you on a weekly or twice-a-month basis. Like Social Media status updates, we will post unique and interesting things about your company and ideas and events it is involved with. Blog posts are more substantial than a status update and are typically two to four paragraphs in length.

To keep track of what your company is involved with and any events it may be hosting or participating in, we will schedule a short, weekly call with a contact from your business (e.g., your marketing director) to ensure that the blog articles are enticing and on-topic.

What you get:

  • Weekly blog posts on your site with unique and interesting topics related to your business or associated ideas and events.
  • Each blog post, like status updates, are designed to promote your business in some manner. This may be by exploring some feature of your business, detailing a product or service that your business offers, or featuring something related to your business or brand.
  • Our blog posts are written with SEO in mind so that they will be highly searchable on Google and other search engines and rank well in search results.


  • $775/mo for weekly blog posts on your site.
  • $475/mo for twice-a-month blog posts.
  • Save $200/mo if combined with Social Media status updates.

Blog posts in-house

If you desire, Seablaze offers training to manage your blog section yourself. If you want to do this in-house, we will give you a document that outlines recommendations on clear and effective blog writing.

Like social media status updates, we strongly recommend assigning someone in charge of this and ensuring they have the time to dedicate to it. Otherwise, users will think that your website and business are stagnant, and your reputation will suffer. You will be more successful if you plan and schedule this as specific work to do each week.