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The host with the most

Who hosts your website is almost as important as who designs and programs it. With Seablaze hosting, you get the back-end service, reliability and support you need to make sure your website runs smoothly day in and day out.

Three important hosting considerations

When considering a hosting solution, the three most important considerations are:

1. Server speed

Hosting on a typical shared hosting plan means your server is shared with dozens of other clients and your site isn’t guaranteed server resources when visitors to your site need it. Seablaze recommends private or dedicated servers to provide the fastest speeds. Studies have shown that site loading speed is directly associated with how much time visitors spend at a website. This is one reason that Google uses loading speed as one of its criteria for ranking websites.

 2. Support

We’re all familiar with trying to get through to a support team in large companies. It’s time consuming and oftentimes several hours if not days before a problem can be resolved. Seablaze recommends using a hosting solution that has a phone number that you can call and get through to a specialist directly.

3. Reliability

Use a hosting solution that is known for providing high uptime and has an excellent reputation.

Shared vs. Custom Configured hosting plans

For hosting companies, Seablaze recommends both Rackspace and Firehost as two of the best hosting companies in the business. They do not offer the typical shared hosting plans because the three points outlined above are not met with these types of plans. However, using these hosting services does require technical expertise to set up and use.

Because of this, we provide a hosting solution to clients who use Rackspace and Firehost servers. Seablaze delivers the technical expertise to transfer, host, patch, and maintain the web servers. And because we have direct access to the servers, we can do this at a reduced cost vs. the client liaison problem solving directly with Rackspace. And, since Seablaze has hosting expertise, we can offer cost savings for custom hosting configurations.

Hosting through Seablaze

What you get

  • Rackspace or Firehost server space for blazing fast server speeds and a world-class reputation.
  • Single contact point for hosting issues.
  • Technical expertise. This includes up to one hour per month of assistance with domain redirects, DNS configuration, server assistance, and other hosting needs.
  • Google Analytics account setup and monthly analytics email report setup, if desired.
  • Platform updates such as WordPress are kept up-to-date regularly at no additional cost to you.
  • Custom web fonts with TypeKit.
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure your website is running and accessible to visitors. If there is a problem, Seablaze is immediately notified and we fix it with no interaction with you unless necessary.


  • From $85/mo (billed monthly via credit card)

We guarantee that you’ll be glad to host with Seablaze. If you host with us and are unhappy for any reason, you may cancel your hosting agreement with us and we will refund your current month’s charges.

External or existing hosting

If you already have existing hosting or have another host that you would like to work with, we can ensure your site is set up properly on it.