Website SEO

The importance of search

The Seablaze staff is trained in SEO and can help increase your ranking in Google and other search engines. We can ensure that your website has been optimized for specific keywords or phrases that you want your business to be ranked for.

For new websites

When Seablaze builds your site, we’ll include SEO at no additional cost to you. The frameworks we build on are SEO friendly, and we offer training to best use the SEO capabilities within your admin. Our admin helps you to insert specific keywords directly into page URLs automatically when you create a new page. And we take extra steps such as setting up a sitemap and robots.txt and submitting them to Google for indexing.

What you get

  • A site with great SEO built into the architecture.
  • An admin that automatically helps your pages to better optimized.
  • An admin tool that allows you to specify specific meta information for each page and post.
  • An automatically-updating sitemap and robots.txt file submitted to Google.
  • An SEO optimization document that contains best practices for ensuring new content you add remains SEO friendly after your site launches.


  • Included in new sites at no additional cost.