Website Speed

There’s fast. And then there’s faster.

How fast your website moves is a major concern to Seablaze. Why? Because it does everything from engaging your customers to increasing your search ranking. So, we design and code your site to best the best it can be.

Speed matters

Users expect your site to respond quickly. One study from a leading content distributor Akamai revealed that two seconds is the “new threshold of acceptability” for e-commerce web page response times. Users will simply leave your site and move on to your competition if it doesn’t respond well.

Increase engagement time

A fast site has a direct relationship with how much time users spend on a website. If webpages open and respond quickly, users are much more willing to click on additional links and explore your site. See for yourself by visiting some of our recent work.

Increase Google ranking

Google has stated that they factor page speed as one factor in determining page rank. Increasing the speed also allows Google and other search engines to index your pages more quickly.

Code optimizations

The websites Seablaze builds have an underlying codebase that is designed around performance. We get rid of the extra, time consuming processes and focus on delivering your site’s content fast. Plus, we use database, object, page, and image caching to increase responsiveness. Our programmers also minify combine and minify JavaScript and CSS files. We optimize images for optimum quality at their given size.

Server speed

Seablaze hosts on Rackspace’s world class servers to give your website the hardware muscle it needs to be fast. It doesn’t matter if your site gets a low or high amount of traffic, our servers are carefully picked to handle the load. Learn more about our hosting solutions.