Technologies & Languages

We are skillful in a variety of technologies and languages to ensure our websites are cutting edge, fast, and maintainable. We recommend specific languages and frameworks depending on your business’ needs.

For small to medium sized sites, we typically recommend a WordPress framework with PHP because it has a great admin and can be built quickly and cost-effectively. For larger, extremely dynamic sites with a lot of custom database work, we typically recommend ASP.NET with MVC.

We tailor our solutions to your business in order to deliver the highest quality website at a great rate.

Client Side

  • HTML 5, CSS 3. Cross-browser compatibility for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML.

Server Side

  • ASP.NET with C# and VB.NET. Web Forms and MVC framework. LINQ to Entities.
  • PHP 4, PHP 5.


  • SQL Server and LINQ to SQL integration.
  • MySQL.
  • Database creation, architecture, optimization, stored procedures, and more.

Platforms, Frameworks, and CMS (Content Management Systems)

  • WordPress
  • Custom built CMSs.
  • Custom themes and plugins.