Website building process

With you. Week by week. Day by day.

At Seablaze, we want you to know exactly what’s going on with your project. We approach every client as a partner and work hard to include you every step of the way.

How long will it take?

Seablaze is proud of being well organized and efficient with our time. All schedules vary depending on the project, but we find that most of the websites we build take two to four months to complete. If you haven’t been through this before, that may seem like a long time at first glance, so we encourage you to look at our process below.

The Process

1. Information gathering and analysis [1-3 weeks]

During this time, we collect the information we need from you to start the project. This includes content and graphics that need to be on the new website, specific things that won’t be on the website, and login info to any existing systems that we’ll need to access.

2. Wire-framing [1-2 weeks]

After we know what you want on the website, we group up internally and create a wire-frame of the site. This is a graphical document that shows in very general terms how the site will be constructed. It includes navigation, main content areas, special features, etc. We’ll show this to you and get your feedback before we start designing.

3. Our designers get designing [2-4 weeks]

During this time, Seablaze gets busy creating “designs,” which are just realistic pictures of how the website will look visually. If we need to take photography, we’ll do that during this time as well. We’ll come up with a few different designs so you have some variety to choose from.

Then, we meet with you to get your feedback and see what you like best. Seablaze leaves the designs with you for a week to give you time to decide which you like best. Based on your feedback, we may revise the design and review with you a second time. Once you’re happy with your website’s design, we start coding.

If you need any copywriting, that will be done as the design is in progress. Often, copywriters and designers work closely together to make sure the site works well from both the visual and reading point of view.

4. Programming [4-8 weeks]

Once you’ve selected a design, we being our development process of turning the design into a real live website. This time may vary depending on how complex your website is. Once our “beta” website is ready, we’ll show it to you.

During this time, we’ll also be busy revising copy for the website to ensure the information on your website is thoughtful, informative, and accurate.

5. Beta site [1-3 weeks]

Once the beta site is ready, we’ll give you and others in your company a chance to test it out and make sure you like it. If you have any feedback or want anything changed, we’ll review and fix the changes until you’re happy.

6. Website launch [1 week]

Once you’re ready to “go live”, we’ll schedule a launch date and make it happen! The launch typically takes a few hours, depending on the complexity of the site. During this week, we’ll also schedule admin training for your team.